These are the most frequently asked questions that my clients have about my work:

What are your prices and picture sizes?
Please consult my price list.

What is included in the price of a commissioned artwork?
Single Matting is included in the price of each painting. Framing is not included.

How do you go about creating a house portrait?
First I photograph your home and, I consult with you about what view you want of your home. Then I use the photo as a reference for creating the watercolor painting. Then I submit the finished artwork to you.

Can I send to you a photograph of my house, for you to use for the painting?
Yes, if the photograph is well taken, in focus in good daylight, and a view that you like. Ideally, I prefer to take the photographs myself. That way I can take many views of the house at different angles. You then can select a view that you like.

Are you able move a tree that is blocking the view I like of my house?
Yes, I can move most landscaping, lamp posts, and other obstructions to enhance the view of your home.

What picture size do you recommend for a gift to someone?
The 12"X 16" size is a popular choice. Please note, an attractive gift card is also available for gift presentation if my backlog is such that I cannot meet your required delivery date.

I have a large house, what is a good picture size?
If you have a large or complex home, may I Suggest that you choose ether the 18"x24" or the 22"x30" size picture.

How much time do you need to paint a picture of my home?
On average about a month plus whatever my backlog time is (usually three to six months) but, a larger or more complex home (or building) will take longer. A large Victorian will require more work than a ranch or a bungalow which is simpler to do.

Can I get note cards or prints of the house portrait?
Yes, please see my price list.

Are photographs of the house free?
Yes this service is at no charge.

Is delivery of my picture free?
Delivery is free for clients in the Chicago Land area. For delivery of artwork outside of Chicago land, an additional fee of 10% is added to the price of the painting.

How do I pay for the artwork?
You can pay with cash or a check, please consult my price list. A 50% deposit is required at the time the order is placed, with the balance due at the time of delivery.

How can I get in contact with you?
Just go to my contact page, to e-mail me or, call me at: 773-929-9127 or 630-325-8268.